Monday, October 14, 2019

Ronnie Coleman workout and motivation

Ronnie Coleman is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. There isn't a gym where you wouldn't find Ronnie's poster. He is 8 times Mr Olympia title winner and beast in training. His lifting pounage was phenomenal for any lift be it deadlift or squat or bench press. Ronnie coleman motivation videos are to inspiring people to train and this is a ronnie coleman tribute.

His physique was out of the world, he looked like an action figure and boy he had Herculean strength. I think he looked the way he looked not only because of PEDS but because of his hardcore training style and genetics. Many may argue his injuries were due to his training style and years of heavy lifting but that's what he loved.

Ronnie took over from where Dorian Yates left and took it new level. I think 98, 99 were amazing he looked phenomenal. The above video has shots of from 2003 Mr Olympia and sitting at 300 lbs. Do share the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more of bodybuilding history and training,diet and workout videos.

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