Monday, October 7, 2019

Hindu Push Ups| Best type of push up part 2

Most of times I get Asked what exercises can I do to get jacked but not in the gym at home or anywhere. Well, gyms are a recent addition to our fitness culture. Let's say just 100 old years or so, I mean including even the primitive weight that we were using. I am going to to introduce you to the training methodology that has been her in India for 100's of years.

Our methods of staying fit has always been functional and efficient. Let me tell you something, you don't need a gym to get fit and strong all you need a good functional training which is time tested and basic yet highly rewarding. Our way of training to stay strong dates back to 100s of years. Our warriors to layman were all fit! How you may ask? Well they did want was needed and what worked best.

Let me share a video I posted on my YouTube channel of me doing Hindu push ups. These were used by our great wrestlers to get in amazing shape and strength. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and give the routine a try. Till next time stay healthy and stay strong.

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