Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fitness at 40 to 60 and beyond

Fitness at 40 is something very easily achievable, of course when I say easy it does include dedication, desire and commitment. We all know the importance of being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. Most teenagers can get away with a bad lifestyle and skipping exercising or following a rigors training routine. It becomes a totally different ball game when we are 40 and above, we don’t have the same stamina and strength when you are turning old.

I often here the phrase “over the hill” , well let me tell you , there is no such thing as over the hill when you are 40 to 50 year range at least. Yes, you will have to work extra hard, be committed to a training and nutritional program. But I don’t see that as a problem when you are goal oriented and driven to be in best shape possible and be healthy. The only challenge I see is staying focused and being on track despite your busy schedule. That’s where time management and HIT style for training comes into picture.

Surely you can’t train on HIT system like a 20 or 24 year old as it will be very taxing, but HIT training program has to be tailored according to your needs and schedule. I do train my clients on HIT system and tailor it accordingly. You can check out my YouTube channel for training videos or email me for training tips. Now as I was saying there are certain things which change in our body as we grow old, those are metabolism, energy levels, bone density, flexibility are some of them. The metabolism starts to slow down as we age and hence we tend to hold more fat compared to that of 24 year old person. Higher the metabolic rate the more fat you burn.

Most importantly we are more prone to injuries as we grow old than compared to that of when we were young. So training around injuries and train injury free are most important. This is where dieting, training and supplementation come into picture. As long as one takes care of these three components, you can achieve Fitness at 40 to 60 and beyond

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