Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Natural Body Transformation Report Week 1 Day 2

In this blog post I like to discuss where I started from on day I share some pics below to monitor progress.  Many people claim to be Natural and share progress pictures where you see drastic changes. body transformation done in a natural way is the best way because the changes will last longer and you don't need any enhancers.Subscribe to my blog Rockhard Physique as I share my journey. 

As far as diet is concerned I am on a low carb, high protein and moderate fat. But it's ending up with me over eating carb. It takes time to hit the macros on point let's not forget it's not a day or two's journey it's gonna be a 12 to 16 weeks of transformation. I plan to build muscle while getting as lean as possible. 

I am sharing my day two workout. Here is what I did.

Chest & Biceps 

Dumbbell bench press 

45.45 kg  x 20  reps 2 sets

59.09 kg  x 12 reps 1 set

68.18 kg x 12 reps 1 set

85 kg x 6 reps 2 sets

85 kg  x 2 reps 2 sets

Decline bench press 

61.36 kg  x 10 reps 3 sets

70.45 kg  x 6 reps 1 set

Machine hammer strength press 

54 kg  x 12 reps 1 set

64 kg x 7 reps 1 set

68 kg  x 5 reps 1 set

Barbell Curls

43.18 kg  x 7 reps 4 sets

Dumbbell hammer Curls 

22.72 kg  x 7 reps 2 sets

That’s it. Great week. Thanks all my readers from around the world Ukraine, Russia, USA, India and United kingdom. Remember to come back to my blog to follow my journey. 

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