Saturday, February 24, 2018

Natural Body Transformation Week 1 Day 3

Let's look at what I did on my day 3 of my Natural body transformation journey, so far its been good and I want all of you to follow me as I do it all natural but I mean I don't even take supplements. Subscribe to my blog and email notifications. 

Knowing you’re watching is forcing me to stay focused. Failure is not an option. I feel my body changing, but I also feel my mind changing, adapting to the new stresses I’m putting on my body. I am a peaceful person, but a killer instinct is setting in, and like before, I will channel this instinct into my lifting. I will get big, I will get ripped, I will do it naturally.

 I want you guys to follow this routine and let me know how it's working for you ask me any fitness related questions and let's build a arm of fellow fitness enthusiasts and band of Brothers who love to lift and stay fit and healthy. 

Before I get side tracked here is what I did on day 3 food and diet details coming very soon. 

Squat, Deadlift  & Triceps 

Barbell squat 

61.36 kgs  x 8  reps 2 sets

84.09 kgs  x 3 reps 4 sets


61.36 kgs x 8 reps 2 sets

102.27 kgs  x 4 reps 2 sets

125 kgs x 4 reps 2 sets

143.18 kgs x 2 reps 2 sets

Triceps Extensions 

31.81 kgs x 17 reps 2 sets

36.36 kgs  x 17 reps 2 sets

40.09 kgs  x 12 reps 2 sets

45.45 kgs  x 7 reps 2 sets

I am doing pretty well at this point I believe this workout is not only going to set the tone for future weeks of transformation but also provide a good base to estimate the results and progress in coming weeks. 

That’s it. For today Great week. Remember to come back to my blog to follow my journey. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and support me. 

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